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I hired Michael to build a WordPress website for my book. He was in constant communication with me, and got the website running very quickly. I will be doing business with Michael again and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for website help. Thank you! Nicholas Card
A great experience Phillip Dacus
This is one of the best developers I’ve found on Upwork to date. He came in and cleaned up the mess left by a previous developer. Communicate well, was respectful and helpful. Highly recommended. Virtual Work Team
Pleasure to work with. I feel I am in very good hands. Looking forward to working with Michael on more projects. Nancy
Michael is a pleasure to work with. We have worked together on many sites now. I have a super busy schedule, so with Michael I can give him directions and go back to my work. He completes everything in lightning speed and can make minor tweaks until it is just right. Even if I have no direction to begin with, he comes up with something that gets the ball rolling and then we work seamlessly together to produce a great website. I have never had any glitchy issues with his sites, his coding works perfect the first time. I am so thankful he offers me his outstanding services for my business websites as well as my clients. Jennifer FitzGerald Owner / Mother Spider Designs, LLC
You have a customer for life ; ). – Salvatore, Denver
As I said you are the ‘MAN’. The genius who builds awesome customised websites and at a very affordable rate.– Michelle, Australia
Having worked with Michael in the past, I personally and highly recommend his products and service. If you think you are going to get good help from Top Niche Websites, times that by 10 and that’s what you will really get. You can’t beat the prices either. – Mark, Chicago
I can vouch for their Top Notch Niche Sites and their quality service – Kelvin, NY
I just wanted to explain how much of a help topnichewebsites (aka Michael) at topnichewebsites . net was in helping me get this straightened out. He took time to email me first and reply to them. Then he got on skype and spent his valuable time to rearrange my folders and files on my server to make sure everything pointed in the right direction. If he treats ‘free customers’ like me in this way, I can only imagine how good his paying customers have it. Thank you again – Chris, Chicago
Recommend calling or emailing these guys. they do good work ! – Bob, Georgia
You are more than welcome to use my words as a testimonial. Good service is often hard to come by these days, I will tell all my friend where to shop online. – Karen , CA.
Thanks a Million times for all your help. Every time a friend asks me, I am so referring your site. – Jenifer, Virginia
Thanks Michael. Email is great! It’s like I’m dealing with the shop down the road, instead of far far away! It really makes for great service, and I really appreciate your prompt replies. Thanks for the great service! – Julie, Colorado
Thank you for the personal service! I appreciate it! Service is the only thing that makes an online company stand apart from the rest. Thanks again. – Lynn, Nevada
Love everything about your site. Its about time that someone went into business to put their customers first. Your site is nicey layout, and your selection is the very best. There seems to be a lot of pride and care that goes into all you do. Thanks! – Linda, Florida