How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Local Business Website

Having a business-oriented website is a significant boost to your business. The majority of individuals miss out on huge profits due to a lack of business websites.

You don’t need a large, complex site. All you need is a user-intuitive website that serves all your needs. Of course, that comes at a cost. How much does it cost to create a small business website?
Here are what determines the cost of creating a small business website:

The Complexity of The Project
It is one thing if you just need a website that represents your business on the Internet with a summary of the services offered, and quite another if you want to create a compelling service with a system of personal user accounts.

Large websites are costly and can cost above $5000. A lot goes into developing them, from lots of designing and coding to ERP integrations.

The Experience and Credibility of the Company
The price depends on where you turn to for services. The services of a large cool company that has been developing websites over the past decade are more expensive than the services of a student programmer’s office that opened only yesterday. The price tag increases significantly if the company is has a huge credibility and appears on the big stage.

The Number of Specialists Involved In the Development
One head is good, but seven are better. Most often, turning to freelancers, we must understand that all the work will be performed by one person at a time: from design to programming. Can one person be both a full specialist in everything at once? Definitely not!

It gets even more complicated when different specialists have to undertake various tasks: a marketer explores the market and develops a strategy, a copywriter writes texts, a designer draws a layout, a layout designer typeset, a programmer writes code, etc.

Management System (CMS)
This parameter depends solely on the specifics of your business. If you can pick up an excellent free CMS – great. However, often customers need some unique solution, so searches lead to paid engines. This also affects the final cost of the project.

Type of Website
There are various types of websites which come at different prices. E-commerce sites are more costly, while simple blogs are less costly. It is easier and cheaper to use a solution like WordPress WooCommerce or Prestahop to create an online store. These solutions are more suitable when you have standard needs in terms of e-commerce that do not require specific functionality.
If you have one or more of the following requirements, then this is a more ambitious e-commerce project:

• Advanced management of shipping, accounting, procurement, or other support functions.
• A large number of complex products.
• Customized purchasing rules, such as wholesale and retail prices.
• A range of customizable products.

The Bottom Line
The cost of acquiring a business website depends on the above parameters. Your web designer should, however, quote a reasonable price for the project. At OUR AGENCY, we develop beautiful and functional WordPress websites starting at only $497. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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